EVE Online’s free players are getting a lot more in December

EVE Online is the kind of game I feel everyone has to try once. It isn’t for everyone, but there is something special, something unique that needs to be experienced in the spaceship universe. I recently tried going back as a free-to-play citizen, but it turns out that my favourite ships and weapons were considered far too advanced for the free play. That is about to change.

In December Alpha State clones (free-to-play) will be able to use battlecruisers and battleships if they want to, and will also be able to pilot ships from other races. The current system limits players to around 30 of the game’s 200 strong fleet of ships and also limits access to Tier 2 weaponry, which is where the real meat and potatoes of the game really become apparent.

Having flown around in a mining barge and a battlecruiser, I can tell you that the missions you can take on by yourself really open up once you have that firepower and if you keep at it the battleship will eventually be yours too. Corporations in the game will be happy to recruit more players that can use battlecruisers as these are the standard fare for low-security space skirmishes and sorties, where the game’s PVP happens without NPC interference.

Getting to the training isn’t completely free though, once players have amassed five million skill points (which can take two to four months of real time) skill training will stop. CCP is looking at ways to give players Omega state for short periods of time and if players buy say 30 days of Omega and train beyond the 5 million cap, those skills will still be valid, regardless of whether they go back to an Alpha state again.

According to CCP Hillmar, the CEO of CCP games, EVE player count has increased 18% since Alpha Clones were added to the game.  Now to wait until December to play with my Battlecruiser again.

Source: Kotaku

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