OpenCritic is tired of all the loot boxes too, will add business model information

This year has seen in-game purchases become a confusing mess. From loot boxes in single player games to microtransactions flogging big releases. The gaming business model is not as simple as just buying the game. That is why review aggregate website OpenCritic is looking to do something about it.

OpenCritic is a website that presents all the reviews of a game in one place. It provides multiple outlet’s review scores alongside relevant release information, yet the website only kept it at that. Business models were not part of the criteria but OpenCritic believes it should be. The official Twitter account announced that the website will be taking steps to provide information on a game’s business models.

This is an important and necessary step. OpenCritic is not just adding a checkbox that will say whether or not loot boxes are present, but want to give readers deeper information on these systems. In the final tweet above, the website provides some examples of what they are looking to include. Players now more than ever have to dig through extra information sources to gather just what is going on with microtransactions. OpenCritic’s proposed approach will likely serve to create a hub where this information is readily available.

OpenCritic’s new stand comes at a time when the conversation of games has been dominated by business models. For the last month, it seems another game arrives to spark the argument again. Last month, NBA 2K18 released to excessive microtransaction nonsense. Shadow of War releases this week and was likely the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is more common to see discussion on the loot boxes than the game itself. Reviews have already sparked debate over the true ending “pay-or-grind”. The fact that the validity of these claims is still debated signify’s the problem OpenCritic wants to solve.

If OpenCritic can follow through, it can hopefully provide relevant information on the business models of games. For those who avoid such systems, it can be a huge benefit especially for those upcoming. Even if you are not against them, it is important to know how these real-currency purchases affect the game.

Disclosure: SAGamer is a part of OpenCritic’s Contributor programme which launched last year. For more information on the programme, you can find it all here.

  • AndriyP

    I think this is a great idea, its about time companies start being called out for their shoddy ways. If its not enough for them to make full price on a title but still hide things behind loots boxes in games they deserve to have someone taking their models apart and making this public knowledge. Soon I personally feel that Loot boxes will make a big difference depending on the model used if I will be buying a title or not.

    My latest experience for example…I recently got a free copy of Middle earth shadow of mordor and actually finished it 2 days ago…really loved the title and really considered getting the new one…until i read the issues and concerns with the P2W model that is used n that game, especially a true ending that requires a very long grind as well as has a focus on you buying things with real money to speed things up.

    • Valshen

      So I still need to confirm myself, but Shadow of War doesn’t have a P2W model. Apparently the true ending is a grindfest similar in scope (and probably lack of importance) as the Knightfall protocol in Arkham Knight. Basically you can pay to speed up the collection of riddler trophies if doing every single one makes you want to go crazy (to borrow from Arkham)

      • AndriyP

        Keen to hear your experience with it, a lot of whining is happening out there regarding this though. Hopefully its not too bad.

  • DemonGamer

    We as gamers should also take a stand and just stop buying these boxes. Cause I’d say that the only reason why someone would do something is because it works. Now I know some people are going to be like “dont tell me what to do with my money” I know cause I am one of those people. But I fear that if we dont change it can be bad for the industry, another crash maybe?

  • Aku Aku

    Loot boxes has become a curse nowadays, i HATE THEM especially when its no longer cosmetic.

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