Abandon Ship shows off how you will explore and uh, abandon ships

We have already seen how Abandon Ship handles combat and the crazy Doomsday Cult that is after you, but what is there to explore in the game? This video shows off some of the beautiful biomes and environments, and also details what happens when your ship is no longer seaworthy.

Exploring near a volcano sounds great, but you are in a massive wooden ship. A volcanic eruption can cause a firestorm to drop onto your deck, adding to the hazards of getting around or even spicing things up during combat. Your crew will have to contend with fires on top of their normal duties, meaning exploring dangerous places will have more to it than just being able to steer your ship around obstacles.

Also, what happens when your ship is lost? You can’t name a game called Abandon Ship and not have anyone abandoning a ship. If the ship goes down in flames the captain survives and is stranded on the wreckage of the ship or in a tiny rowing boat, becoming a fight against dwindling resources and the elements. If the captain survives long enough to be rescued you get to try again in a new ship.

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