Ed Boon believes that he can get Injustice 2 to run on the Switch

Every developer and their granny has plans to port their games to the Switch, and now Ed Boon thinks it’s a possibility as well. Before you get too excited – he’s not in any way confirming that he’s going to port Injustice 2 to the Switch, but in an interview with Gamespot he’s confirmed that he thinks the Switch is capable of running the game but would need some work.

It is a pretty different hardware architecture; it’s not like you can go from a PlayStation 4 to a Switch really easily. So I think we would need to set up something in terms of an external team. I know on the art team, we have enough people to do three console SKUs, and that would be something we’d need to work out.

As you can take from that bit of dialogue it’s in his mind, but it’s not a big priority in his life right now. He does, however, take the time to confirm that such a port on the Switch would be fun:

You could have tournaments, everyone comes over with their own system and you can have whole structured tournaments and parallel gameplay and all that.

Whatever you do, don’t take this as an ‘Injustice 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch’ news piece. It’s merely a bit of hope that the fighter might one day head to the Nintendo Switch. For now it’s not happening at all… that if it does, please bring Mortal Kombat X too. K thx bye.

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