Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster is a thing

Square Enix unveiled to the surprise and confusion of just about everyone, that last generation’s Star Ocean 4 is getting a remaster. Announced via the trailer below, Star Ocean: The Last Hope is coming to the PC and PS4.

In what might be the weirdest game to get the remaster treatment, Square Enix felt Star Ocean IV deserved a second chance. The full title is Star Ocean: The Last Hope – 4k & Full HD Remaster which gives all the information you will need. Based on the trailer above, it seems little has been done outside of a resolution bump.

Gematsu was able to provide extra information on the new “features”. Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster will bump the resolution from 720p to 4k on a PS4 Pro and “Full HD” on a normal PS4. There are some extra choices for visuals including shadows and blur settings. It will also feature trophies and share button support. The PC release features the same bonuses as the PS4 version except that the game will be playable with a mouse and keyboard.

Star Ocean IV for those unaware, has become somewhat of a joke among fans . On the internet these days, most fans will use SO4‘s characters as a reference to the worst of the JRPG genre. Lymle still stands as one of if not the worst party member ever conceived. There are many games more deserving of a remaster from Square’s library than Star Ocean 4 but someone, somewhere must be happy with the news.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster will releasing in Japan on November 28th for PlayStation 4 and PC. So far it is a Japan exclusive and it is unknown if the remaster will release elsewhere. While the announcement has generated more confusion than interest, it will still likely make its way to western digital stores.

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