YS VIII’s PC port gets some help from the legendary Durante

Porting games to PC isn’t all that easy. Sometimes the “Port to PC” button just doesn’t work all that well and we get some pretty awful ports. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana was supposed to release on PC with the PS4 and Vita releases but unfortunately it had to be delayed indefinitely. While this was a better alternative to a shoddy port, fans of the game were a little disappointed. This was on top of pretty poor localisation of the game, but NISA has stated that they are looking at addressing the shortcomings of Ys VIII.

By bringing in Peter “Durante” Thoman, the modder behind popular PC port fixes, NISA hope to bring out the PC version around mid-December.

After we delayed the release of Ys VIII on Steam, we reached out to Peter “Durante” Thoman for his expertise, and we are happy to report that he could share some of his hours with our developers these past few weeks. We asked Durante for his help with the following for this title: GPU performance improvements, CPU performance improvements, and developing a system for improving and regulating framerate. We also received feedback from Durante about a shadow rendering issue that we are looking into.

The above work has resulted in significant improvements in performance. However, due to the fact that we are receiving such an overwhelming number of system issues from both our internal QA Team and our Beta testers, these issues will take considerable time to repair. As previously stated in our last announcement, fixes in one area can lead to something breaking in another, so we have to be methodical in our application of fixes and improvements. In addition to improvements in the game’s system, we are also updating, fixing, and improving the game text across the Japanese, English, and French versions. This also requires a significant amount of time, due to the size of the game and our commitment to localizing the text to both English and French.

While this should adequately address the issues of the PC port, there is still the game’s low-quality localisation. NISA have stated that they should have the updates to the game’s translation ready by the end of November and will include them in the PC release. While it’s unfortunate that the localisation hasn’t met the necessary standards on release, it’s nice to see that they’re addressing the fans concerns about it. The localisation and porting processes are difficult for various reasons so it’s nice to see a company acknowledge their shortcomings instead of forcing fans to accept the end product. Given how public perception can kill games, however, I hope this doesn’t come too late for what seems to be a well received game.

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