F1 Star Lewis Hamilton to be your guide and mentor in GT Sport

Racing simulators are not easy to master, so it makes sense to get a three-time Formula 1 Champion to help you out and guide you when you get behind the wheel in the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport.

According to the European PS Blog, F1 star, Lewis Hamilton has been a consultant of sorts for Polyphony Digital during the development of GT Sport, giving some insights and expert advice on racing and driving. And, as it turns out, Hamilton says he’s always been a fan of the GT series, but lets be honest here, who isn’t?

I have been playing Gran Turismo since I was a child, so to actually be part of the gameplay design has been an incredible experience.

The PS Blog added that Hamilton will be sharing his driving philosophy and techniques through images and interviews in the game, and will serve as a sort of a mentor for those playing it. He will also post some lap times and challenges for you to have a crack at if you fancy your chances.

Of course, it goes without saying that series director, Kazunori Yamauchi, who happens to be an absolute racing nut really enjoyed spending some time with Hamilton:

From watching Lewis drive on TV all these years, I had an idea of how he might drive, but the experience of watching him drive in person was well beyond my wildest expectations. And I’m really glad to be able to share his driving and philosophy with the players in Gran Turismo.

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