Super Mario Odyssey’s speedrunning community is already starting

Super Mario Odyssey is a fortnight away. With Nintendo pushing the marketing hard, they have released some store demos for players to get an early taste. Despite acting as a way to show off the goods, speedrunners have used the opportunity to get real fast, real quick.

The demo stations are only giving small glimpses of the overall game. Speedrunners however, are not only using these sections to learn the levels, but instead the mechanics are being studied. Mario’s movement is getting a big shakeup in Odyssey. With a whole new way of jumping, players have taken to learn the height, speed and length pre-launch.

Searching YouTube will provide many off-screen captures of early speedrun attempts. Watching a few gives a great sense of how Odyssey allows for some really innovative platforming and movement. Above is just one attempt that Kotaku was able to find. Considering the scope of Odyssey’s levels, expect many different takes on how to approach them. For the speedrunning enthusiast, this will be a hell of a thing to watch as the community gets the game. Odyssey will likely offer a wide variety of speedrun types based on the amount of YouTube videos.

Mario and speedrunning have always been a match made in heaven. More so than other Nintendo properties, Mario allows for some really interesting tactics to shave off the seconds. Nowhere is this more evident than 3D Mario entries. Odyssey for some, evokes a sense of Super Mario Sunshine in terms of an open space with a new mechanic. Instead of the Water Pump, players now get the ghost hat Cappy. This Sunshine comparison will likely move into the speedrunning community too.

Sunshine‘s speedrunning history is quite a thing to behold with ever-changing world record holders and techniques being discovered to this day. Just last month, a YouTuber AverageTreyVG explored the wacky world of Sunshine speedrunning which you can find below. Odyssey will likely have a similar story to tell in a few years.

Super Mario Odyssey is releasing in two weeks on October 27th. It will be the first Mario platformer to hit the Nintendo Switch and fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. It is also starting to pride itself on being the weirdest Mario game yet. Expect Odyssey to make its grand speedrunning debut at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 in January.

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