Destiny 2’s PC release is almost upon us! Here’s a trailer to tide you over to next week

PC gamers had to wait a full three years, but next week, they will finally be getting Destiny or at least a version of it on their preferred platform.

Destiny 2 released in early September on both PS4 and Xbox One, and now the entire cycle of weekly events have finally come to an end, and we can start over. The game had a staggered release, with things like the Raid, Trials of the Nine, Faction Rally and most recently Iron Banner all coming in weekly sessions after the original release, and now that we’ve gone through everything on console, PC can go through the same process and be in sync with its console counterparts.

There’s a lot of people that say the PC version might be the best available. The game offers an uncapped framerate and will be available in 4K resolution for those that have the hardware for it. So if you’ve been holding out, you’re sure to be in for a treat in that regard.

Personally, I wish I had a PC to play it on, but for now, I will settle for the game on console. It still looks great and plays incredibly well. But there’s something telling me the experience on PC might be something really special.

The trailer is available in 4K and runs at 60fps, so be sure to check that out if you have to means to do so.


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