Resident Evil VII Gold Edition trailer tells us much more about the DLC

It’s time to dig up your copy of Resident Evil VII as you need to return to that twisted setting. We’ve had a look at the free DLC ‘Not a Hero’ that stars Chris a few weeks back and we have been aware of the paid-for DLC (that will come bundled in the Gold Edition) ‘End of Zoe’, but today we get a glimpse at just what you can expect.

Chris Redfield, as we know now, looks nothing like the steroid-injected mess of Resident Evil 5 and now resembles a normal soldier. It looks like he’s working for Umbrella and is on the hunt for the last remaining Baker family member. We now know that that particular person is the demented individual Lucas Baker. You might remember him as the fellow who put you through some puzzling trials? Yeah, he’s back and wielding a knife this time. Something tells us he’s going to mess with Chris’ mind. On the other end of the scale, we have Zoe.

*Spoiler incoming*

Things kick off in this DLC at the point that you leave Zoe behind at the boathouse. Once you leave her behind she turns into what looks like crystal. A stranger approaches her, as she lies concealed in crystals on the ground, with what we imagine are some terrible plans for her. In the original game, you never see just what makes her so special in the family, but each family member has something unique going for them. We think Zoe could play a much bigger part than initially thought. Looks like she is going to be a monster on another level.

Both ‘Not a Hero’ and ‘End of Zoe’ launches on 12 December, which also happens to be the day the Gold Edition launches.

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