Rumour: Pokémon GO’s latest data mining points to a possible Halloween event & Gen 3

Halloween is almost upon us and to celebrate this spooky time Niantic and the Pokémon Company might be giving fans a trick or treat. Dataminers from The Silph Road have found a few interesting pieces of data within the latest files including the image below which not only shows off generation 1’s top ghost monster, Gengar, but a few of generation 3’s ghost types Sableye, Bannette, Dusclops, Shuppet and Duskull. Of course this gives fans a reason to believe that these ghost Pokémon will be the first to be introduced to the game during a Halloween event.

Another clue linking the coming of the third generation of Pokémon to the game is that dataminers have also found sound files for monsters of generation 3. And another image was discovered on the iOS app store showing off a few of the Pokémon above and a Pikachu in a new hat…

A lot of trainers and fans have been asking the question as to why Niantic has not begun the event already as we’re already passed the halfway point of October. Personally, I hope we hear something soon from Niantic, especially along the lines of a week-long event with bonus stardust and candy.

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