Video: Some Russian trucks come with Tetris pre-installed in the dashboard display

Yes, err… uhm… not a headline I thought I would be writing today or ever in my life, but there we go. Tetris has become one of the most popular puzzle games around the world and though it ended up in the hands of Nintendo many years ago, it originated in Russia. To drive this home (I’m sorry) you can now play a game of Tetris on some Russian trucks.

A man that goes by the name of Jalopnik discovered this and compiled a video of how to get the game working. Of course, it’s all in Russian, but thankfully someone was on hand to translate it into English, as it’s a very particular process you need to follow to unlock this game.

Turn on the ignition, 2) Start the vehicle, 3) Activate the right turn signal for three blinks, 4) Flash the high beams two times 5) Push the clutch five times, 6) Rev the engine to 3000 RPM while holding the left trip meter knob counterclockwise.

What you end up with is the below:

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