The Burning Question: Have you ever bought a console to play a certain game?

Every few years we as gamers have to fork out a fairly large sum of money to buy some tech that will allow us to participate in our favourite hobby. Buying consoles isn’t cheap – well, it never was – and there’s always a fair amount of internal debate about which console to go for. For me, I’ve always generally stuck with Sony. I’ve supported them, enjoyed their consoles, and loved the exclusives. But this isn’t about that, it’s about ignoring all the sensible rules about consumerism and diving into frivolity.

I remember long ago that all I wanted was a Gameboy Colour just to play Pokémon Crystal. I was so taken by the images, adverts and Pokémon in this game that I knew I just had to play it. I begged my parents for months who finally bought the handheld and game for my birthday. I rocked this game solo for months. I didn’t even buy a second game until I had the handheld for 5/6 months. This isn’t even the only time. Before I considered myself a typical gamer, I wanted to play the follow up to Metal Gear Solid. I had no real intention of being a diehard gamer before that, so when I got my PS2 to play MGS: Subsistence, I was hooked on the game, the console, and a born Sony fan.

Next came the previous generation. This was a no-brainer for me. I went with PS3. I trusted it, I knew it would right by me and it did. However, I landed up buying an Xbox 360 later on so I could finally play the Gears games. What I didn’t expect is how much I wouldn’t like them. I tried so hard to like the console, but it gave me issues and I’ve not touched mine in about two years. My final console moment was with the Wii U. At the time Toys R Us was having a massive sale so I bought one. My reason this time: ZombiU. To this day I still refer to my Wii U console as the ZombiU console. It’s the only game I repeatedly play on it and refuse to delete.

So those are my experiences with consoles and the one specific game that got me to buy them. Do you have any similar stories to share?

I R ‘Kaal’gat Kyle!

  • There was a short time in my life I stopped gaming, for about a year or so. The PlayStation had launched and I saw Pandemonium on Cybernet. That was that, made a plan and bought a PlayStation. The other game to do that was Metal Gear Solid 4. Thanks to the high cost of the PS3 I had to sit launch out at the time, but a few months before MGS4 launched I made the plunge.

  • VampyreSquirrel

    Yes. My Xbox 360 was initially bought just so I could play Fable 2.

  • Funnynel42

    Bought a PSVita for Persona 4 Golden and Project Diva games.
    Bought a Nintendo 3DS XL for Pokemon Y, sold both a few months later.
    Bought a Nintendo Wii U for Bayonetta 1 and 2 and for Xenoblade Chonicles X.
    Not gonna mention the others as I’ve played more than 5 games on them.

  • Sure. Xbox 360 for Geometry Wars. Then when my console died, I had to buy a new one straight away as Pac-Man Championship had just came out.

  • MonsterCheddar


  • DemonGamer

    Nope , and I never understood the logic.

    • TechniKyle

      There is no logic behind it. I’ve only ever regretted my 360 purchase.

  • Oh wait, and the biggest culprit of them all – Resident Evil 4. Bought a GameCube for that, and now look at me and Nintendo…

    • TechniKyle

      Don’t you have resi 4 on every console It’s available on?

  • Skittle

    I bought a 3DS XL for Pokemon and then sold it two months later… Impulse buys are a bitch

    • TechniKyle

      Which Pokemon? I bought the New Nintendo 3DS for X, but only because my 3DS broke.

  • Risely Lucan Padayachee

    I bought a ps3 specifically for Gran Turismo 5…

  • shyguy_2046

    Bought PS4 cos of two franchises. God of war and Metal Gear solid. And one publisher …. Naughty dog.

    • TechniKyle

      Naughty Dog does not disappoint. Hypothetically, If they released TLOU 2 on Xbox (as if) I’d totally buy the console.

      • shyguy_2046

        Me as well. I remember get TLOU on a PSN Flash sale for $8 . Worth it..and my fave game of all time

  • Pieter Kruger

    LOL! No never and I’ll probably never will. There’s thousands & thousands of games out there, as it is too many to ever play all on any platform. The FOMO is just not that great in me I guess.

  • Dave

    No… never… and don’t listen to my consoles, they are all liars… and I’m definitely not going to buy a switch because of Mario odyssey.

    (what time does the confessional booth open, I may need a small bit of absolution)

    • Next Thursday the Super Mario Odyssey reviews go live. I have a feeling it might cement that confession for you 🙂

    • TechniKyle

      Hahaha, I’m totally getting it for the Rabbits game!

  • Purple_Dragon

    I got my Xbox One for Forza Horizon 3. Also got my PS3 for Uncharted.

    • Damn fine game to buy an Xbox One for. I wasn’t aware you bought it for that 🙂

      • Purple_Dragon

        Yep. Was sort of thinking about it and then I saw FH3 at E3 and had to buy it just so I could play it. Wasn’t disappointed.

        • Seems you had good instinct with this one. Only one of the best racing games ever.

  • eVolVee

    A Switch for Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8. I’m a licensed Ninty wh0re now.

  • Leon Govender

    bought my xbox 360 ….just to play MASS EFFECT 2.

  • Valshen

    So my PS3 was bought for more Final Fantasy. DS as well.

  • Special Edition Xbox 360 Final Fantasy 13 edition, only game I had on it. Need I say more about FF13?

    • TechniKyle

      No, but I actually love the game…

  • Small Charlie

    Not only did a game actually get me to buy a console. It made me start playing games again after taking a break for a few years.

    That game is God of War. Saw it at a friend’s house on a Saturday. Think I bought my PS2 on that Tuesday. Rest as they say, is history.

  • Darksirius

    Got the PS3 for GoW, Uncharted and Last of Us…

    • Global_Saffer

      I did too for The Last of Us, but then the PS4 came out and apparently it runs on that at 60fps :p Damn PC has made me a snob…

  • JC

    For me at least the deciding factor when I bought my latest console was the Forza Horizon series, even after said console’s launch blunders.

  • Aku Aku


  • Silver King

    Don’t you normally buy a console for games?

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