Video: The Fox Hole: Episode 5 – The Squad

So after leaving my fox hole to go check out rAge I am happy to be back on the front lines winning the war one headshot at a time. This week in the fox hole we are taking a look at the squad and the characters you will be playing alongside in the campaign of Call of Duty: WWII. Your four-man squad is certainly unique and I am sure everyone already has their favorite soldier picked out after watching the various trailers that were released introducing each member of the unit. Let’s not forget about the Allies who will help you take down Hitler, which is made up of the leader of the French Resistance and a British Secret Service agent.

And last but not least how can we forget about Private Kozlowski, the 5th member of the squad that will be released as DLC for the small price of R399 – a bargain. Take a look at the latest episode down below and let us know who your favourite member of the squad is? Also don’t miss the next episode where we will be revealing the massive prize giveaway we have planned.

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