Date your weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon

When I woke up this morning I wasn’t expecting to see a teaser trailer for an upcoming dungeon crawler/dating sim mashup. After the success of Dream Daddy, I’m looking forward to seeing more dating simulators with more mainstream gameplay included. Looks like Boyfriend Dungeon will scratch that itch and perhaps lead to more games like it. In it, you visit dungeons and rescue weapons which are also humans (?). Outside the dungeon you can date them, which will level the weapons up making them more useful in combat.

I quite like the idea, it’s fresh, interesting and looks like it supports gender and sexual equality. I can’t say that it’s a game that supports LGBT, but it certainly looks that way. Here’s a little snippet from the developer’s site, Kitfox Games.

Plunder the dunj and take your weapons on dates! Capture the hearts of cuties to level them up. Boyfriend Dungeon is the playful shack-and-slash the world’s been waiting for! Featuring:


Beautiful people to romance


Procedurally generated dungeons and varied combat styles


Each weapon type feels and plays differently


Inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality

Here’s the announcement teaser trailer:

Source: Kitfoxgames, Destructoid

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