Crystal Dynamics is getting a little too excited about Legacy of Kain

The Legacy of Kain series has been a common entry into gaming website lists about games that need a reboot. The last game in the franchise released way back in 2003 and it managed to capture quite a few hearts along its way. The games featured classic action-adventuring as well as some solid puzzle designs within a unique world of Soul Reavers and deep, dark themes that capture the imagination. It was such a unique franchise teeming with future potential that just kind of disappeared into the mist.

Everyone who has played the games has at one point wished for a current-gen version with updated visuals and more ambitious gameplay. But it has never become a reality, despite Crystal Dynamics retaining the rights to the franchise. Crystal Dynamics is currently responsible for the Tomb Raider franchise, with the rumoured Shadow of the Tomb Raider potentially being on the list. However, their Twitter account has been tweeting out some rather cryptic Legacy of Kain tweets recently, as you can see:

Now, this could just be some excitement from a lone community manager looking for things to post, or it can be a sneaky tease for something Legacy of Kain related in our future. The biggest possibility is some kind of remaster or remake, but there is a chance of a reboot or a long-awaited sequel. It’s all speculation at this point, but judging from the response, people are definitely interested in more Legacy of Kain in their lives.

Do you have a fondness for the series? Would you be interested in something new from Crystal Dynamics?

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