Final Fantasy XV’s Comrades DLC gets a short delay

Yikes, it looks like everything that is touched by Final Fantasy XV gets a delay. The latest setback is regarding the upcoming Comrades online co-op expansion. It was set to release at the end of the month but is now moved to an unknown date in November.

This is not the first delay affecting the game. Not only is it notoriously known for being a delayed title, but received numerous delays after. Like with all its previous delays, this is linked to improving the game and getting those niggling problems out of the finished product.

As much as I want a fixed game, I also want people to stop giving dates only to move them back. It’s tiresome and if you can’t stick to a timeline, don’t make it public.

The New Expansion forms part of the season pass and will carry on the events after chapter 13. No new news on the Ignis Chapter, but it should follow and hopefully not get delayed.

Source: Destructoid

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