How the punch animations of an FPS character can tell you about them

While trolling the internet last night, I came across an interesting video on Kotaku聽that goes into a bit of detail regarding character animations, and how something as simple as a melee attack in an FPS game can actually tell you a bit about the character that you are playing as.

It all started as the writer of the piece, Heather Alexandra was doing the usual Destiny 2 grind and decided to not shoot the enemies, instead opting for a more close-range approach. A video uploaded on the Kotaku YouTube channel goes into some detail on how a few frames can makes a difference in simply showing us what kind of character we’re playing as.

The video goes on to explain the differences between the Guardians of Destiny 2, Tracer of Overwatch and ever Jack Cooper of Titanfall 2. It shows how the Guardians are more beneficent and down to business, while Tracer can show a bit of cockiness or showboating, even in the heat of battle. A character like Jack Cooper, on the other hand, is a bit of a rookie, and it shows in the animations by him overdoing it and aiming to prove himself.

The irony of all this is that it’s something we will probably never notice, but if it wasn’t there, the game would probably feel a little off. It shows a bit of the hard work and effort that goes into making these games, and that a lot of the effort sometimes go unnoticed. But definitely not unappreciated.

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