L.A. Noire is going 4K, here’s a trailer that shows us what it will look like

L.A. Noire, the one Rockstar game that most people didn’t care much for and didn’t really want a remastered version of, is getting the 4K treatment and will release in a couple of weeks. So to show us a bit of what to expect, Rockstar was so kind to release a new trailer, that shows the game in all its new, 4K glory.

Don’t get me wrong, L.A. Noire is a solid game and a very good experience overall, but it is probably not on the top of most people’s list of Rockstar games remade for the current generation. Still, the 4K treatment for a game that really went out of its way in terms of new technology, and facial animations is maybe not a bad thing. It was pretty revolutionary back when it released in 2011, although it can take you pretty deep down uncanny valley most of the times.

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