The Nintendo Switch shipped a whopping 7 million consoles by September

Today Nintendo made a big announcement about the sales of the Nintendo Switch. According to the results of their latest financial report as of 30 September, 7.63 million units of the Switch have been shipped and sold.

That is an insane number considering it’s struggled to keep up with the demand. Had there been more consoles, it might’ve been a bigger number. That said, it’ll only boom after Christmas making this a very good year for them.

In addition to the Switch, the 3DS has sold over 68.98 million units and the WiiU 13.56 million in total. By the looks of things that Switch will outsell the WiiU in no time, and absolutely no one will be surprised.

Nintendo has adjusted their expected forecast and is now predicting that over 16 million Switch consoles will be sold by end of March 2018.

I have no doubt they’ll meet that goal now that Super Mario Odyssey has been such a critical hit.

Source: Dualshockers

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