AGDQ 2018 will keep you busy in January

It is that time of the year again where you start having to plan things for next year January. Games Done Quick has unveiled the full stream schedule for the 2018 edition of Awesome Games Done Quick. The speedrunning charity drive is set to start on January 7th but now you can plan ahead.

The entire schedule can be found here with times already being converted to local +2 GMT. Looking through the list already shows that some fan favourites will be making a return as well as some very exciting newcomers. Some of the new speedruns include Prey (2017) which made big news this year at the very quick speedrun turnaround, Splatoon 2‘s campaign will be inked through with precision, and Sonic Mania will be blasting for the first time at GDQ giving the blue hedgehog the speed he so craves.

When looking at others, there are some noticeable ones to keep on the radar. Super Mario Sunshine is not uncommon at GDQ but this time it will be the first “120 Shine” run. The Kingdom Hearts run is always a wonderful time and this year’s entry will be Birth by Sleep. Another Pokémon game steps up with Black/White 2 and Megaman is there to show some skills. It is worth looking through the list of games to find which ones pique the interest.

Ending the show this year will be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While the game did make an appearance as SGDQ, this attempt will be uncharted territory. Clocking in at just under four hours, the criteria this time is completing all the main quests in the game. This should be an extremely enjoyable spectacle to behold as it will show off some insane skips across Hyrule.

Noticeably, there is no JRPG mega run for this show. At SGDQ this year, there was the now infamous Final Fantasy VII speedrun which clocked in at eight hours. It was the biggest surprise of the show turning out to be one of the best runs of the entire week. There will be a Final Fantasy game played with mainstay FF IV, but it would have been interesting to see another long-form run. Another noticeable game missing is the still fresh Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch. Despite speedruns already going insane, the game missed the cutoff for consideration. There is a chance it ends up like Breath of the Wild for SGDQ this year where the run was included based on a charity goal.

Awesome Games Done Quick will once again donate all proceeds to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This year’s AGDQ was record-breaking, earning $2.2 Million and next years is looking to break that. For more information on the Prevent Cancer Foundation, readers can look here for more on the organisation.

Awesome Games Done Quick commence on January 7th at 6.30 pm local time with the first run starting at 7 pm. As usual, it will be a fun week to watch the best showcase of speedruns around. Even for those not traditionally into speedrunning, it can still be a fun viewing experience. If you would like to get a taste of some speedruns to test the waters, check out our roundup for SGDQ 2017 which features some of the best. The official Twitch channel is here and there is a chance to catch some test runs before the show.

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