Free Games Vrydag winner is going to Egypt

It’s Vrydag, ya’ll! Another week has flown by and we’re almost at the point where it’s time for awkward family dinners and Silent Night renditions by your drunk second cousin. The games have been flowing like the river Nile and our team of rag-tag misfits have been having quite a time to keep up with everything. Let us also take a moment of silence for our wallets. November is officially here and it’s hoping to be a nice send-off to the rollercoaster that was 2017.

The week was a busy one over at the SA Gamer Foxhole. Dawid got the short end of the stick and had to review Rugby 18 and has stated officially that he would rather sprint into a goal post than play it again, Charlie punched some Nazis in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus,  Garth took a look at Destiny 2 on the Best Platform Ever and Zain blasted into the spooky past with Castlevania: Dracula X. Dawid told us why PS Plus and Games with Gold is ruining our idea of value, Garth wrote about RPGs again and how they sometimes break immersion and the Burning Question asked if games have influenced your musical tastes.

And now, for our winner who got to the top of the pyramid. Who is going to raid tombs and I’m not talking about Lara Croft. The winner of our wonderful Assassin’s Creed Origins goodie bag. Why, it’s none other than:

Miguel Santana

Congratulations to Miguel for winning this awesome prize! We’ll contact you soon to get your prize to you. Consider yourself super lucky because there was a small legion of people who really wanted to go to Egypt.

Thanks to Megarom for sponsoring this awesome prize!

2017 just doesn’t want to end. The games have been piling up, our wallets have fled to Switzerland and gaming websites are genuinely dreading the Game of the Year discussions come December. There might be a small civil war in the SA Gamer camp and we all know that Dave is probably going to win because have you seen his muscles and haircut? He’s a man of dreams. Anyway, we’re all dreamy so make sure you’re in the comments or on social media, we’re usually hanging everywhere.

Free Games Vrydag returns next week! We’re apparently returning to some castle and punching Nazis or something?

I am way too tall, played way too many games and I love to write about what we love about games. In the end, I'm just being #Thabolicious

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