The new voting gauntlet in Fire Emblem Heroes is hairy important

There comes a time in every gamer’s life when you ask yourself if the creators of one of your daily games have run out of ideas. This is my question today with ‘Intelligent’ Systems and Nintendo. In the latest Voting Gauntlet event in Fire Emblem Heroes we have eight heroes going up against each other because of their hair…YES.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ voting gauntlet pits short-haired ladies vs long-haired gents (yes that’s what its called) has eight heroes going up against each other in another battle of popularity. This time we see the heroes Takumi, Karel, Soren, Ryoma, Amelia, Katarina, Shanna and Hinoka. The event starts today the 6th of November and runs until the 12th of November. Disclaimer, my money is on Ryoma.

The good thing is that there are also two summoning focus events currently active in the game that’ll last throughout the voting gauntlet event. So good luck heroes and as always remember that the first summons within a new summoning focus event is free, no Orbs required.

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