Former BioShock devs are apparently working on ‘immersive sims’

It was a strange and confusing day when Irrational Games simply vanished from the map. The legendary studio responsible for the acclaimed BioShock franchise was no more after founder Ken Levine laid off most of the employees and renamed the studio to Ghost Story Games. The reason was that Levine wanted to step away from the triple-A gaming space to focus on smaller games that didn’t require that many resources.

Oddly, the studio has been extremely quiet for a place that is focusing on smaller games. There has been no news coming out of the studio since its inception and the only news we have now is a job listing for a Level Builder. The listing has the predictable job experience that is required for such a position, but we have some hints of what the studio’s debut game will entail.

It will be a game designed in Unreal Engine 4 and the applicant must have extensive experience in “FPS/Action/RPG/Strategy/Immersive Sim titles”. That’s a wide array of genres and there was also mention of experience in “semi open-worlds”. Honestly, this can mean anything. The genres might give us a clue of what the game will be like and it seems an awful lot like BioShock if I have to be honest.

It’s a complete mystery what Ken Levine’s newest exploit is, but considering the cost that it took to get to this point, it has to be something spectacular. The studio’s mission statement is to “create immersive, story-driven video games for people who love games that ask something of them” and I hope they follow through with that promise. Hopefully they have a reveal planned soon so that we can stop scanning job listings for any hints.

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