Five cybersmart video game characters

Being cybersmart is your insurance to a better life in this day and age. Think about it. Having no clue about the cyber world around you could lead to identity theft and scammers taking you for all you’re worth. In the world of gaming, it’s something we’ve seen rearing its head when it comes to the plot in various games. Below are five characters who we consider cybersmart. Not each and every person below can relate to our cyber world, but in their world, they insured their own safety by being pro-active. You could probably learn a thing or two from them.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Sylens

Sylens finds himself in a very peculiar scenario when compared to any other entrant on this list. When he discovers a focus from the Old Ones he gains a major advantage over any other tribe in the game. It allows him to see into the past and it also gives him the ability learn from and control the machines. Due to his approach, he discovers important lessons brought forward by the Old Ones such as physics, calculus, and computer science. In a post-apocalyptic world, he is what we would consider a genuine cybersmart person.

Watch Dogs 2 – Marcus Holloway

There is quite simply no other game in the industry that has put as big an emphasis on cybersecurity as Watch Dogs 2. Marcus Holloway is the protagonist in this particular game and instead of him being a victim of cyber fraud he’s the one going up against the bad guys in the business and making their life hell. Yes, there are times when he turns out to do some bad things that affects others, but being the hacker that he is there is no one more cybersmart than him in any game. No, we’re not saying you should become a hacker – just be smart.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen is a living breathing product of cybernetic augmentation. This cyborg uses his augmentations to help him improve various physical and mental abilities. Strength, sight, speed and various other attributes assist him on his mission, but it’s the ability to hack and infiltrate big corporations that makes him so unique. This guy is cybersmart by default, though it’ll require you to level him up to the point to get him to perform difficult tasks. in his apartment he has access to a computer with all his various mission logs and more and that area is something he keeps as secured as he possibly can.

GTA V – Lester Crest

Oh Lester. He’s your typical hacker cliché you would find in a movie or read about in a magazine. In GTA V he does some terrible things, but one thing is for sure, no one is about to scam Lester. He is safe from intrusion on his PC. It’s basically his weapon to protect himself and all those around him. When compared to anyone else on this list he’s the character that resembles our every day lives closer than anyone else. Oh, and like you, he’s also a huge geek with figurines and stuff. He’s the complete package.

Metal Gear Solid – Hal Emmerich

A quick look back at Metal Gear Solid 1 and it’s obvious that Dr Hal Emmerich wasn’t all that cybersmart in his earlier days. He was conned by Liquid Snake and his group of villains to create a missile in their aim to destroy the planet. Move on to MGS 2 (the latter half) and MGS 4 and things have changed up quite a bit. He’s still as clumsy as he’s ever been, but he’s super intelligent and runs circles around any computers to prevent any intrusion. Without his abilities, Snake would just never have become the hero he is in gaming. He isn’t Solid Snake’s wingman for no reason.

There you have it. Five individuals in gaming who are cybersmart. Are there any other characters you can think of?

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