Four years later Total War: Rome 2 is getting a new campaign with Empire Divided

The Total War series might have moved on to high fantasy with Warhammer, but it seems some love is being thrown back to the Romans. Announced earlier today, Total War: Rome 2 will be getting a new expansion at the end of the month.

The new “grand-scale” campaign has been dubbed Empire Divided. The campaign which is set to release on 30th November puts the Roman Empire in a hard place. It is set at a time where the empire is not working as a well-oiled machine, losing its iron grasp on the world. With the signs of weakness, enemies are about to take advantage, with the player needing to keep control.

Outside of the general premise, Empire Divided is offering a lot of new features and factions for returning tacticians. On the features end, via a Q&A on the official Total War blog, the campaign pack will introduce cults, banditry and the plague to the land (adding weight to an already fragile state). There will be 10 playable factions spread across five cultures. These include new heroic factions which will feature more “elaborate victory conditions” as well as specific events.

Alongside the DLC is a new update available to all players. The update will introduce “Power and Politics” which overhauls the existing political system. This will apply to the base game and all DLC excluding Caesar in Gaul as that has its own system.

This is Creative Assembly making good on the promises of supporting older games. Back in July, the developer released a blog post announcing Total War Saga. Instead of presenting new standalone games, the team would present players with smaller campaigns exploring different historical periods. This will likely be the first of many campaign packs for older games.

Empire Divided will be available on the 30th of November. The campaign pack will cost R185 but players who preorder will receive a 10 percent discount.

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