Destiny 2’s weekly reset time is changing to line up with events

Bungie is changing the timing of Destiny 2’s weekly reset. At the moment the reset occurs at 1 am PT on Tuesday¬† (11 am for us) but this will change with the release of the Curse of Osiris expansion. Come December 5 the weekly reset will occur at 9 am PT, which is 7 pm for us.

Bungie said that the change will make the reset line up with new content releases. With the current reset timers, it is possible to not be able to earn rewards tied to new content because the weekly reset hadn’t occurred.

“Additionally, we’re seeking to align the Milestone resets with event availability, such as Trials of the Nine or Iron Banner, to provide a uniform experience for players to follow each week.”

This also means you won’t feel as tempted to log in after 11 am on Tuesday… when you should be working. It feels weird to be talking about the game’s season reset also happening on December 5, but I guess this is what happens when one platform gets the game so far behind the others.

Source: Bungie

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