Video: It’s time to head to Korea in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise

The latest expansion pack for the popular Rainbow Six: Siege is just a week away from a full reveal and by the looks of it this could be the best addition to the game yet. The new map is set in a massive business tower in Korea called the Mok Myeok Tower. There seems to be a lot of wide open space and by the looks of it, there will be a lot of gunfights taking places at different levels due to the vertical gameplay they are introducing. That should switch up the gameplay nicely for those that were getting tired of corridor shooting.

It looks like the game has received a nice little visual upgrade with the new expansion and the developers have also announced year 3 is in the works so there is still plenty of content planned for Rainbow Six: Siege. Take a look at the new map below and let us know what you think?

Source: Ubisoft US

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