Get your first look at the HTC Vive Focus wireless VR headset

Do you remember 2015? The only thing on the lips of everyone was the future of VR and where it was heading. It was a very exciting time and gaming was exploding into new territories we had only dreamed of since we were kids. A look at it now in 2017 and VR is as influential as Kinect or PlayStation Move was. It’s just not quite grabbing the attention of everyone. It could be due to several factors and the new HTC Vice Focus plans to tackle one in particular.

Getting into the VR game is expensive and puts many off and we expect that the HTC Vice Focus won’t change too much in the regard, though there is no confirmation of price yet. What we do know is that it’ll be completely wireless. It’s the first VR headset that will be wireless without requiring a phone. It’ll host a high-resolution AMOLED screen alongside a Snapdragon 835 VR Platform and according to them they have over 100 developers currently working on games for the new VR unit, so expect more details on price to follow in 2018.

There is no exact launch date in place for it yet, but for now, you can get your first look at it.

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