Blizzard takes a shot at Star Wars Battlefront II

Just in case EA was handling all of the backlash from the content restrictions and economy of Star Wars Battlefront II, Blizzard has come to pour some fuel on the fire.

Blizzard’s real-time strategy game StarCraft II recently changed its model to offer the first campaign, Wings of Liberty, for free. In a bid to promote this, there was an opportunity to take a dig at Star Wars Battlefront II, which is plagued by microtransactions, a long grind to get content and pay-to-win characteristics.

EA’s initial response to the price of Vader has broken Reddit history by being the most downvoted comment ever, and at writing is sitting at 680,000 downvotes.

The tweets start off looking like mere marketing for the game, but when you reach the video, you know who Blizzard is taking a shot at.

This isn’t the first time that a gaming company has taken a dig at another one while trying to get support for the company or a specific game, but the video just adds that extra bit of effort and zing to everything.

While Blizzard making its seven-year-old game free to play instead of $60 and this will garner them much internet love, it is worth remembering that Blizzard was one of the companies that “perfected” loot boxes in full price AAA games. Yes the boxes don’t contain pay-to-win advantage and they aren’t required, they sure did make them desirable and many publisher has tried to emulate Overwatch’s success.

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