Fire Emblem Heroes gets Book II and improves weapon skills

Nintendo Mobile released a new video announcing a much-needed boost or rather update in content for Fire Emblem Heroes. And the announcements come to us from none other than Feh the messenger owl, so let’s have a look at whats coming.

First up we see that the game will be receiving new Heroes. These heroes are not just old heroes reused in the latest summoning focus but completely new to the game. Staff users will also finally be receiving new skills so if like me you stayed away from Staff users perhaps now you’ll be able to add them to your battle team. We also find out that the countdown trigger for special skills will be changing so that heroes can now trigger their special skills/attacks faster. A list of the skills affected can be seen below.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems will also be giving players an expansion in your barracks so that you’ll be able to retain even more heroes. The barracks will now increase by 100 slots even for those players who’ve already reached the cap of 1000. Another cool update is that stamina costs are now reduced and capped to 10. No quest will cost more than 10 stamina points allowing heroes to play longer before taking a break to replenish your stamina.

Next up we hear about a new feature being added to the game – a weapon refinery. Players will finally be able to upgrade their weapon skills within the game but the feature can unfortunately only be accessed after completing a new story also added to the game. An intriguing factor for the refinery is that weapons just like their skills can also be upgraded so heroes that you once thought weak or useless might now have a chance to rise up. While reaching the end of the announcement video we learn about a new legendary summoning event which will be bringing back certain heroes but also adding another new special hero to the game. Although that hero is not revealed I’m certain we’ll be in for an icy surprise…

Finally, last but not least a completely new chapter is being added. Make sure you watch the video to see the epic cinematic introducing this. However, if you’re like me and always short on time, I’ve added that cinematic trailer below as well.

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