Five franchises that could do with reboot treatment

It’s the trend these days. A lot of series are getting a restart and a second chance. Sometimes it’s to align more with the expectations and demands of a modern gaming public, and other times, it’s simply done because the direction it took ran its course and the creatives behind it ran out of ideas.

Recent reboots have seen a fair amount of success with games like Tomb Raider (2013) and the slightly more recent DOOM and Wolfenstein series getting the reboot treatment. These games were mostly redone to adapt to modern tastes, but others such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins gave the entire series a bit of a “soft” reboot to inject some excitement and fun into something that has become a bit stale of late. Another good example is Resident Evil 7, which changed their formula quite a bit to once again adapt to the tastes of modern audiences, as well as give people what they actually want.

But I think that some other games/series might deserve some rebooting love as well, and here’s a list of them:

Dead Space series

One thing that makes Dead Space such a fantastic game was an intense atmosphere, the sense of isolation and the incredible jump scares. The way the story unfolded, and how Isaac is gradually losing his mind was done so fantastically because of the great balance between action and horror. Unfortunately, the series became the poster boy for corporate greed, with Dead Space 3 being a co-op action game, rather than a horror game, and with micro-transactions being shoe-horned in there to keep the board’s pockets lined. There is a time and place for everything, and seeing the series I loved get this kind of treatment broke my heart.

So can it be rebooted? Certainly so. The lore is already there and it’s surprisingly deep. You might get another protagonist and a completely different story, but if the game goes back to its roots of having the hero navigate a dark and scary spaceship with monsters all around you that are trying to kill you and limited resources, then it might actually work, and be loved by all.

Wing Commander series

Back in the mid-90s Chris Roberts actually finished games that he started making. He is probably best known for making the Wing Commander series, which was quite revolutionary for the time. From the third instalment, Heart of the Tiger, actual cutscenes with real actors were added, which game the game this truly cinematic feel to it. It included actors such as Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies and Mark Hamill himself as the main protagonist. Throughout the campaign, you could make actual choices during these cutscenes and conversations, and what you said and did had some consequences.

The series had a lot of lore to it, and seeing as it played out in space, there’s a chance of adding more alien races and factions to the mix. The game can be a bit more than just a space combat sim though, with some RPG elements and maybe some Mass Effect type gameplay thrown in there for good measure. It is a largely forgotten series that has so much potential.

I mean, just look at the cool intro video for Wing Commander III and tell me you wouldn’t want to play something like that?

Little Big Adventure 2

It’s a game series we really don’t hear much about today, but I absolutely adored the adventures of Twinsen in Little Big Adventure 2. It had a real kid-friendly look to it, even by 1997 standards, but I remember it having some pretty cool open world exploring, as well some really interesting and tricky puzzle solving to it. It’s the type of game that I truly think can work if it gets reworked for modern platforms. It has a fun, entertaining story, some solid combat an gameplay, as well as decent sense of progression. It might not grab everyone’s attention today, but if done right, it might just be a game worth owning and playing.

Dino Crisis

The Dino Crisis games are hard to take too seriously. It’s survival horror games that took the Resident Evil formula and switched out zombies for killer Dinosaurs. But was still a lot of fun, and a lot of people have been asking for a reboot or a sequel of sorts. It’s the type of series that might work better with a bit more action to it, like the later Resi instalments, especially if they go for a 3rd person, action survival type game. And when I say Action, I’m not saying it should go full Resident Evil 6, but rather for more of an RE4 approach, since there’s nothing quite like fighting a T-Rex with limited resources at your disposal.

Prince of Persia (Sands of Time Series)

I know we’re getting the Assassin’s Creed games of late, and that is essentially the “new” POP games, but come on, who wouldn’t want to play as a wall running nameless Prince again (or is that again again, seeing as this was a reboot already?) The original Sands of Time series was great fun, with decent combat thrown in with Warrior Within onward. It had an entertaining story, fun characters and excellent gameplay. It’s easily a series that can be brought to a modern audience. A new POP game also doesn’t need to be as linear, it can follow the lines of the recent Tomb Raider series which is a bit of an open-world/linear hybrid. If done right, I think Ubisoft could make a killing. And I don’t want the excuse that they’re making good Assassin’s Creed games again, because who said we can’t have both?

And that’s my list. You have anything that you wouldn’t mind getting the reboot treatment? Let us know in the comments and we can argue over which games should be done first.

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