Looks like there might be another Planescape Torment in the works

This news will certainly make Garth’s day because it looks like developers are hard at work on a new Planescape Torment title. Garth absolutely loved Torment: Tides Numenera, you can check out his review here. It looks like the reveal of a new game in the works came out by accident during the filming of a documentary about the developers Beamdog. In the clip there is some character concept art of Planescape’s Fated faction, under the heading of Planescape: Unraveled—itself a play on the name of a major character in Planescape: Torment.

Even though when asked if they were working to which they said no, you can’t help but feel they are more than likely thinking about their next game based on the success of Tides of Numenera. Only time will tell if they are in fact making a new game which I am sure Garth and many other fans hope is the case, check out the clip below.

Source: PC Gamer

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