Noctis lets loose in the latest Dissidia Final Fantasy trailer

For a game that came out almost a year ago, Final Fantasy XV is not struggling to keep itself in the news. From its own DLC to appearances in a number of other games, XV is all over the place and that’s not a bad thing. Square is going hard with entry, but thankfully it means we get some cool stuff.

Now it’s time to bring it a little closer to home with a look at Noctis in action in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

This was shown off in the second-anniversary stream for the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Along with seeing the character in action, we also learned that tracks like Stand Your Ground, Veiled in Black and The Fight is On! will be added to the game as background music. On top of the Final Fantasy XV related content, there will also be a number of other additions to the arcade version that we will see in console release in January.

There will be a couple of familiar scenes from Final Fantasy VIII added to Dissidia along with alternate costumes and colours for the cast of the game.

There’s a lot of cool content coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy, but it’s just a bit of a pity we’re only going to see it our side when the game releases on PS4 in January 2018. The game seems to have had a pretty healthy life in Japanese arcades so far, I just hope we are able to see a dedicated community grow locally.

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