Zippy Race is the next Arcade Archives game heading to the Switch

Chances are good that if you grew up in the 80s you would have played Zippy Race in arcades or on the NES. Thanks to us depending on knockoff consoles to play our games we were introduced to the Zippy Race, as it’s known in Japan. The game is heading to the Switch tomorrow, but comes with the official US and UK title, Traverse USA.

The name makes good sense as you’re making your way to New York in the game. It plays very similar to another NES classic, Road Fighter, in that you have to steer your bike through traffic trying to block you from a top-down perspective, all while collecting fuel tanks to keep your bike filled up to make it to the end of the stage. Complete 4 levels and you’ll move on to a faster bike. It’s simple to pick up but gets exceptionally tough once you unlock the faster bikes.

The game launches tomorrow, 30 November, for the Switch and will set you back R91.00

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