Christmas has come early in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The mobile game has been out for just over a week now with good enthusiasm from fans. Although a watered down version of the mainline games, having it on mobile seems to be what a lot of fans have been asking for, for years. Now with the game’s first event already in progress, we’re about to see just how popular it really is.

The in-game event will provide players with tasks/requests to fulfill which will grant you Candy Canes once achieved. The reward can then be used to craft special holiday furniture such as Festive Bow Tree, Three Ball Snowman and Jingle Fence to name a few. Players will also have access to unlock holiday attire upon completing timed goals. Some of the attire include a Santa Hat, Santa Coat, Santa Skirt, Santa Pants and Santa Boots.

The Christmas event is currently underway and is available until the 26th of December.

Source: Siliconera.

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