Give your Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite main a fancy new getup next week

Even if Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite didn’t receive the best of receptions, the game is still chugging along with some decent support from Capcom. Not only will the game receive Venom, Black Widow and Winter Soldier with some extensive balancing next patch, but also a couple of premium costumes fro the existing cast. While the costumes are a bit hit or miss truth be told, they at least look awesome.

The next update will bring with it the Cosmic Crusaders and Stone Seekers costume packs. These packs will give new premium costumes to characters who didn’t get to feel the love in the previous pack. The announcement of these costumes was also accompanied by trailers that show off the costumes in action.

The Cosmic Crusader pack includes the following costumes for those characters who fight evil across the universe and contains the following:

  • Rocket Racoon – Rocket Space Suit Costume
  • Gamora – Gamora Classic Costume
  • Nova – Nova Prime Costume
  • X – Special X Costume
  • Zero – Special Zero Costume
  • Strider – Strider Hein Costume

In the Stone Seekers pack you’ll find costumes for the characters who were actively seeking the Infinity Stones in the rather lacklustre story mode and sees new threads for the following:

  • Ultron – Ultron Conquest Costume
  • Thanos – Thanos Annihilation Costume
  • Spider-Man – Superior Spider-Man Costume
  • Frank West – Proto Man Costume
  • Haggar – Metro City Mayor Costume
  • Jedah – Makai Messiah Costume.

These costumes will be available individually, as part of their respective packs or part of the costume pass because season passes were not enough. The costumes will be available on the 5th of December along with more DLC characters and a massive balance patch.

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