SA Gamer vs Pretoria Mario Kart 8 Challenge

Yesterday we saw SA Gamer go head-to-head with the Mario Kart 8 masters from the boerewors curtain at the Nintendo Pop-up store at Brooklyn Mall with the winner getting their hands on the grand prize of a brand spanking new Nintendo Switch. With an estimated turnout of 45+ people looking to get in on the action and get their hands on that in-demand little console.

With the entrants waiting with bated breath for their names to be called to form part of the final 7 to take part in the challenge against none other than the resident SA Gamer Super Ultimate Trackmania Champion (me 馃榾 ), the stage was set for an epic showdown with participants from all ages. With a healthy complement of individuals and parents in the audience cheering the competitors on, the air was thick with excitement.

The challenge was an 8-player battle over six races in total with each player submitting their race course of choice. You could choose your control scheme but also limited to no steering assist, so we knew we were in for a difficult knockabout. The first four races were dominated by three of the players who have been honing their skills at that very pop-up store the previous week. It was closely contested with myself ending up in the top 4 which saw the final two races turn into a real nail-biting experience as the front four battled it out for Mario Kart supremacy.

The final race took place on Thwomp Ruins with every experienced racer taking full advantage of the circuits shortcuts. So much so that we ended up knocking each other off the track on numerous occasions. Even with me taking the final race with a very narrow margin, a 7-year-old prodigy adorning a fitting Mario hat throughout the event took the grand prize. But here’s the kicker. He did it all only using tilt controls! (Yahtzee, you should call this kid up and take some lessons!)

The event was a great success with all participants having a ball of a time and onlookers eager to cheer them on. Thanks to the patrons of the Brooklyn Mall Nintendo Pop-up store and the team at Core for making the event possible and go off without any hiccups. Except for the horrendous traffic of course, but that’s out of our control. Some fans of our very own Dave “AuntyBerrel” Kozlowski got to meet the man in the flesh. As you can see, he came dressed in his best Tom Cruise cosplay for the evening.

Be sure to stay tuned for when we at SA Gamer issue another challenge to our community where we can meet, greet, challenge and compete. It’s always great to meet you guys in person and involve you in everything gaming related. Hope to see you at our next event.

P.S. Once we’ve collected and edited all the footage and images of the event we’ll add them here as a gallery for you to peruse.

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