DayZ releasing on consoles and heading out of Early Access in 2018

Before PUBG, there was another game where you could steal a frying pan out of a townhouse in order to beat people up and it also took the world by storm. DayZ was the hardcore zombie survival game that everyone wanted and it was filled with tales of heartbreak, hiding in a closet because you’re afraid to lose all your canned food and a massive map that pitted you against everything under the hot sun. Originally an ARMA mod, DayZ carved out its own path to success and set the precedent for survival games everywhere, but even with its vast influence and accolades, it’s still not released.

Yes, the game that has been around since 2012 as a mod with the standalone coming out in 2013 on Steam’s Early Access and has been in alpha testing ever since. The developers, Bohemia Interactive, have been working on the game for an incredible amount of time and were aiming for a beta version in 2017, but conceded that they’re not going to make it in a recent blog post that goes into deep detail on the status of the game. However, they say that 2018 will be the year of DayZ and their plan is to get both the beta out as well as the full version release.

Additionally, the game will also be coming to consoles within the new year. They only mentioned Xbox One for now, but that can be because the Xbox One Preview program might be better suited for the beta until the full release can be confirmed for PS4. Also, this is just speculation, but it’s possible that the expansion of PUBG might light a flame under the developers because while these games are different in huge ways, they contend within the same “realm” so to speak.

Judging from the blog post, Bohemia has been working hard on giving the game more and more features and fixing the various problems that predictably crop up during development. Hardcore players are already embedded into the game, but when the game finally releases on multiple platforms in its finished and polished state, it might once again be a force to be reckoned with.

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