Looks like PUBG will only run at 30FPS on the Xbox One X

The team working on optimizing PUBG to run at 60FPS for the new Xbox One X have admitted defeat for the time being. A week ago it looked like BlueHole might be able to get the game running at 60FPS but PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, said that the Xbox build of Battlegrounds will run at 30FPS whether you’ve got a bog standard console or a fancy Xbox One X. The question is will the framerate be locked at 30FPS? From my experience playing the game over the last six months, I would say no. I have seen the framerate drop significantly when I am in a red zone or when I am in a vehicle.

Only a few days left to wait before the big release when we can finally enjoy all the new additions to the game that were available on the test server – which are offline now by the way.

Source: VG247.com

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