New Five Nights at Freddy’s game crops up and it’s weird as well as free

Five Nights at Freddies was probably the strangest phenomenon to grace the world of gaming. At first, it was a simple little horror game where you monitored cameras and was scared out of your pants by creepy animatronics in a pizza joint, but it quickly achieved wide notoriety. This was because of a multitude of reasons such as the sullen hints that everything is not as it seems, the plethora of fan theories and the widespread adoption by streamers and YouTube personalities. The sequels rapidly came out to the point where it started becoming a little ridiculous, but the franchise has since been relatively quiet. But like that horrifying bird, it has now surprised us out of nowhere again.

Creator Scott Cawthon has released a surprise game on steam by the name of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator for the low price of nothing. The game is a charming little 8-Bit management game that puts you in charge of running a pizzeria by crafting custom pizzas and throwing pizzas at children as Freddy himself. However, the game cannot be trusted and in classic Five Nights at Freddy’s fashion, things get weird and creepy.

I won’t go into detail about what makes this little off-shoot game so strange as it is full of spoilers and really, you have no real reason to not try it. The timing of this sudden release is a bit strange. Could Cawthon be working on another entry into the main franchise and wanted to release this little game as some kind of guerrilla marketing ploy? Was this just something he worked on while he was bored counting all of his money? Before I turn into a game theory channel, maybe it’s just a simple side project that he wanted the world to experience.

So, go ahead, give it a shot.

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