Rumour: It looks like the God of War release date has been leaked

Nothing like a juicy rumour on a Tuesday morning. In this case, it seems that the release date has been leaked for the upcoming God of War PS4 exclusive game in Q1 of 2018. With the PlayStation Experience just a few days away now it makes sense that these type of rumours are going to surface. It’s just in this case it was a well-known person in the games industry who spotted the date on the official US PSN store.

Wario64 has always been a very active member who generally confirms rumours that more often than not become a reality and he spotted the date of 22 March showing up on the official PlayStation US Store. This ties in with the Q1 release date, which means someone at Sony made an oops and likely loaded the date ahead of its announcement at the PlayStation Experience. We had a look at the local site and nothing pops up, so we have to live with this for now.

Get ready for Kratos and his son to lay waste to all sorts of monstrosities and Gods in the Norse Mythology world in just over three months time. Yes, 2018 is here and would like to show you that it can flex its muscles too. God have mercy on our wallets.

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