From Software is not done with Armored Core just yet

Developer From Software hit new heights of popularity and renown through the Souls franchise. Before they struck it big with Dark Souls, they were behind some beloved games spanning the studio’s 23 years. It seems now From Soft is doing some teasing for a new game from one of their original hits.

The mecha combat arena of Armored Core is a cherished staple of the giant robot war genre. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the cult franchise and From Soft has been celebrating that fact. After a four year long wait since the last game, From’s Yasunori Ogura gave an indication that the franchise was not dead.

Recently, in honour of the ‘platinum’ anniversary, the studio held a broadcast on NicoNico TV dubbed the “Armored Core Suite 02″. The broadcast was dedicated to the music of the franchise and nobody really expected more than some fan service. Following the broadcast, Ogura tweeted out a thank you to viewers and gave players hope of more Armored Core to come.

In the tweet (with translation credit to Gematsu), Ogura said that From Soft “have no intention of ending the Armored Core series in its current state”. He asked fans to hold on just a bit longer until they have something substantial to say on the matter.

This is likely indication that an Armored Core game is in the works or at least in the planning stages. The franchise has been noticeably absent throughout this generation with the Souls games taking much of From Soft’s time and energy. Considering the studio has a lot more power now than it did since the last entry of the series, it is exciting to see how far the mecha game can be pushed.

Regardless of when the next Armored Core is announced, hopes are high that the genre returns to early design philosophies of punishment and brutality. Maybe this might be the one to spawn off a competitive scene because hardcore Armored Core is nothing to mess with.

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