Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition brings a lot of content to the arcade mode

Even if Street Fighter V sees its fair share of criticism, there’s still a lot going on with the game. As the title’s second competitive season sees its climax at the Capcom Pro Tour this weekend, it’s also building up to the long-awaited Arcade Edition release. Yesterday Capcom unveiled a number of arcade mode details in a stream and there are a couple of interesting things to come.

On top of the new V-Triggers coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, players will also see a pretty robust arcade mode thrown in. You’ll be able to take characters through not only the new arcade mode but also from previous Street Fighter games they may have appeared in. This means you’ll be able to play through arcade stories from Street Fighter Alpha to Street Fighter V with multiple endings thrown in. The arcade mode is shaping up to be a lot more than what was expected and could almost be forgiven for coming about two years after release.

Street Fighter V has seen a rather bumpy road, but Capcom is capable of bringing the series back to its glory days. Hopefully, we will see a lot more of what’s in store after season 2 ends at the Capcom Pro Tour and that Capcom will take the time to address many of the fans’ concerns about the game in season 3.

If you’re keen to see what’s to come in Arcade Edition in action, check out the full stream by Capcom below.

The full stream does clock in at about an hour so, fortunately, YouTuber YogaFlame24 has made a ‘best of’ compilation of the stream.

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