The free Farpoint versus expansion comes with two PVP modes

There’s no denying that Sony is pushing really hard to make their VR headset a successful story in this generation. Since launch PSVR has not sold quite as many units as originally planned, but we’ve seen a strong presence of VR games showing up in the PlayStation Plus deals as well as serious Black Friday deals for VR headsets around the world, including here in South Africa, to help push those sales. According to stats, it worked and there are many more PSVR headsets in households, which means there are many more new Farpoint players than before.

Using the most opportune moment the developers have a dropped a brand new free expansion into the mix. For the first time, you can take part in PVP games. These modes include the much-expected Deathmatch and an interesting mode called Uplink. Not only will you have to fight off against other human opponents vying for the best VR skills, but if you’re good enough you can summon enemies in the game to fight alongside you. New suits and weapons can also be unlocked to spice thing up a bit and provide some sort of reward for playing it more competitively.

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