Games with loot boxes might only be sold to people over the age of 21

A few weeks ago a US lawmaker named Chris Lee called out loot boxes as a form of gambling and made specific references to Star Wars Battlefront II. It looks like instead of trying to get loot boxes banned altogether Chris Lee is pushing for games with the loot box mechanism to only be sold to people over the age of 21.

This would only apply to the US but if the law does come to pass you can bet other countries will follow. Lee is also pushing for developers that have loot boxes to reveal loot box drop rates odds so that there is more clarity on the chances of unlocking a certain item.

Very interesting times indeed for games that have loot boxes but only time will tell if laws such as the above actually come to pass. Once again I think this would only apply to loot boxes with non-cosmetic upgrades that have items with game-changing effects.

Source: PC Gamer

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  • DemonGamer

    YES !! Remove all squeakers !

  • this isn’t the answer either.

  • Wesley
  • Well they are finally opening their eyes so it’s a start. As for the age limit, it’s just not going to work on the digital side. I am pretty sure I have told multiple websites that I was born 01/01/1910 just because a game is 18+ and all that screen does is annoy me to take 5 seconds extra to scroll as far down with one movement on the years tab and then get access.

  • Aku Aku

    Lol, like this is going to help. JUST GET RID OF LOOT BOXES PERIOD!

  • Dave

    I think this is a start. I know the FPB age restrictions on games aren’t very well regulated at time of purchase but if games with loot boxes fell under the jurisdiction of the gambling board it would be better regulated, with shops selling these games requiring extra checks and fines if they aren’t complying. The upshot would hopefully be that having these exploitative practises in games hurts their sales and makes publishers think twice before including them in a game. And yes this is in America only, but that is one of the biggest markets, so lost sales there would hopefully mean a change across the board.

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