Hello Neighbor will have us housebreaking on Friday

After what has been a gruelling wait for many horror fans, Hello Neighbor is finally coming out this week. With months under the YouTube spotlight, developer Dynamic Pixel is getting ready for players to find the truth about a very bad neighbour.

With the official launch just days away, two new trailers have been released to celebrate. Above is the “Pre-Launch Trailer” which is your usual launch trailer overview. The trailer is a quick 30 seconds and shows snippets throughout the game. The second trailer is for the theorists and fans who have been following the mysteries through each pre-release version. The “Basement Trailer” below shows that players will finally go spelunking to uncover some secrets.

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that has been available in early versions for over a year now. While the true plot will only be revealed after launch, the basic hook is breaking and entering. Players will go skulking through their neighbour’s abode across the street, all while being hunted down by the owner himself. This aspect has been heavily marketed as Hello Neighbor promises advanced AI that will learn the player’s tricks.

Hello Neighbor was another game that took YouTube by storm. A simple horror title that became ripe fodder for YouTubers with that ‘magical’ combination. It had a striking similarity to the rise of Five Nights at Freddy’s – a strong horror game that gave simple reactions and allowed for online sleuths to get theorising. The difference with Hello Neighbor was that most of its time as a YouTube trend was while the game was in development.

While it made a big impression when the first Alpha versions hit the internet, it lulled in popularity following over a year of wait time until a full release. This was only made worse by a delay due to problems with an engine upgrade. With the game finally being made available and complete, this will likely lead to it popping up on YouTube feeds once again.

Hello Neighbor is launching this Friday on December 8th. It will be available on PC through Steam and Origin while being an Xbox One console exclusive. Hello Neighbor is not the only game to bring the frights for Christmas as a new Five Nights at Freddy’s just released.

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