Housemarque is using Unreal 4 for a ‘soon to be announced’ game

Housemarque has been responsible for bringing twin-stick shooters back to life in the current generation. Resogun was one of their major successes as it was one of the first games on the PS4 and a great showcase of the new console’s capabilities. Its other game, Nex Machina, didn’t perform as admirably following a less than desirable commercial performance. The same fate happened to Matterfall, another game made by the studio. The company has since decided that it will be veering away from the arcade schmup genre as its commercial viability isn’t what they hoped.

Many have wondered what’s next for the studio and they have recently announced that they will be making use of the Unreal 4 engine for their next unannounced game. The studio made the following statement in a press release:

We have made the decision to use Unreal Engine 4 exclusively going forwards. Unreal 4 enables fast prototyping, contains modern pipelines and editors for artists and designers and provides really valuable documentation and support forums. Plus, it’s still very customizable so we can still use our award-winning rendering and visual effects tech with the engine. We’ve got some exciting stuff in the works!

Unreal 4 is rather versatile and it has served many developers well already. One has to wonder, however, what they plan to make using the engine seeing as they are not going with their traditional formula anymore. There might be growing pains for the studio because of these changes, but as we have already seen, they know their stuff.

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