Loved Mirror’s Edge, but hoping for a bit more? How about some multiplayer?

A lot of people loved the original Mirror’s Edge. While the story might have felt a bit generic, it was seen as something new and fresh at a time when the market was dominated by corridor and cover-based shooters.

Mirror’s Edge felt like a breath of fresh air with its parkour-style platforming from a first-person point of view. But, it was a bit limiting, and if you’ve played through the campaign, that was pretty much it. Well, now there’s a mod out that allows you to play the game as a multiplayer racing game. You basically do the time trials of the game, but now you are competing with somebody else. It’s not perfect since it’s not something that EA and DICE really considered, so it might look a bit wonky, but from what I can tell, it seems pretty cool. I bet EA is a bit disappointed they never thought of adding a bit of competitive multiplayer to the original game.

Source: Kotaku

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