Get ready for frosty boots on the ground in Call of Duty WWII with Winter Siege

Call of Duty: World War II is about to get covered in snow as a winter-themed seasonal event arrives. Running from Friday, December 8 to January 2, get ready for a snow-filled version of the Carenten map and to show off your skills in Gun Game.

The social space will also get some holiday cheer with unique winter-themed weapons and equipment on offer from Captain Butcher, the quartermaster for the event. Some playlists will offer double XP and there will be free Winter Supply Drops every week. I think I need some XP, and a Sten will be handy for spray and pray. You stop playing FPS on a controller for a short while and your right thumb forgets everything, I tell you.

You can learn more about the event in this handy trailer.

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